Myths about Pregnancy

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There are plenty of myths abound in pregnancy. One of the most common myths is that pregnant women should eat for two. It is a false myth since carrying a baby requires only 300 extra calories a day. Just food is also considered harmful during pregnancy which is not completely true. Junk food is not good for overall health but it doesn’t pose any extra harm during pregnancy. On the contrary, a pregnant women can try a little of junk food to satisfy her cravings. Another myth stops pregnant women from working at all. Though a pregnant woman should avoid lifting too much heavy weights, she can easily complete all her daily chores. It is good for her health to stay active and perform some simple physical activities. Watch the video to know more on this. Taking care of yourself will make you feel good while pregnant. Diet is a major factor in keeping your health perfect. Also, both the mother and father should get a thorough check up for weight and other chronic diseases as they can affect the health of the baby. Pre-pregnancy vitamins and supplements such as folic acid and calcium are essential. Folic acid reduces neural tube defects. Early pregnancy symptoms and precautions such as bleeding, pain in the stomach must be taken care of, and should be checked when serious

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